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Windows Key Finder

A must-have Windows password reset & key finder bootdisk

  • Bypass, unlock and reset Windows login passwords instantly
  • Recover lost product keys for Windows and Office
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Lost Your Windows Password or Product Key?

Lost your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000 login password? How to log into your computer if the administrator account is locked out or if your password expires? Lost your valuable Windows or Office product key? Don't worry about it again!

Windows Key Finder is the ultimate rescue & recovery bootdisk that enables you to easily bypass, unlock and reset passwords for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000, and recover lost product keys for Windows and Office installed on your computer. Windows Key Finder can boot from CD/DVD and USB flash drive.

Unlike other similar program, Windows Key Finder works even if your computer is crashed or the Windows admin/user password is expired, forgotten, compromised or for any reason you are locked out of the computer.

Windows Key Finder saves yourself the headache of fighting to get back into your locked computer! It can also prevent you from losing valuable Windows and Office product keys. Safe & easy to use, no computer skills required.

What our customers are saying...

Windows Key Finder has helped thousands of people solve Windows password problem and rescue their valuable data. These are just a few from a long list of testimonials we have received from our customers.

"This CD is totally awesome! I wish I had bought it years ago. I am really bad at remembering password. Every time I forget administrator password, I have no other way but to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Windows Key Finder completely changes my life! It is worth much more than what I paid for it!"

Bob Metelsky (United States)

"The experience that I forgot windows password happened to me a few weeks ago. Windows Key Finder just takes me a short time to reset a newly password on my Windows XP laptop. Thanks for such a great bootable utility I have ever used!"

Fernado Bagnasco (Canada)

"There are many programs available for recovering the product key from a Windows XP or Vista installation. The only problem is that they generally require the computer to be functional to run. These programs are useless if the operating system is corrupt and unable to boot into Windows. Fortunately, there is other option: Windows Key Finder. It works even if Windows doesn't load!"

Steve Hodgson (United Kingdom)